Why Custom-Made Shirts? 24
Why Custom-Made Shirts?

Although custom-made shirt fashion hasn’t quite gone mainstream yet, it is becoming increasingly popular as living standards improve and more individuals gain access to social media. As people become inspired by the global community around them, they are embracing unique designs that set them apart from mass-produced ready-made available in stores.

Your Guide to Customizing Your Shirt

If you’re looking to improve the fit of your shirts, but don’t know where to start, read on for our tips on how to customize your shirt.

The Complete Guide to Dressing for Your Body Type and When to Wear What

There are multiple types of male body forms, none of which are identical, but they are among the most commonly used to characterise various physical figures.

Why a Shave, Shower or New Pair of Suit Makes You Feel Better

There’s something familiar about it. This is not unique to me, but I always look forward to it. Stepping out onto the sidewalk after getting a haircut, I feel the slight tickle of the breeze hitting my neck and ears. Getting rid of overgrown hair exposes fresh skin — a subtle sensation that signals a change has come about…

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