Your Guide to Customizing Your Shirt

If you’re looking to improve the fit of your shirts, but don’t know where to start, read on for our tips on how to customize your shirt.

The Basics of Applying Colors & Patterns:

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This may seem like an obvious place to start, but the color of a shirt may have a significant impact on its appearance. Dark hues make the wearer appear leaner and taller, but lighter colors might draw attention to characteristics on the upper body such as your face or arms.

Depending on the size and form of your neck, patterns can seem extremely differently. A wing collar, for example, flatters men with narrower necks, but a button-down collar flatters persons with larger necks.

Choosing the Right Fabric

When deciding on the composition of your shirt, fabric is an important factor to consider. In terms of durability and simplicity of care, different varieties of fabric have varied strengths and limitations.

Fabrics at The Shirtmakers in Ahmedabad:

  • Thomas Mason
    • Throughout its 200-year journey, Thomas Mason has perfected English tailoring and introduced revolutionary fabric innovations. They employ only the best raw materials, such as high-quality cotton, wool, hemp, and European linen.


  • Albini Group
    • The Albini Group specialises in locating the most distinguished and appropriate premium fabric for Italian cotton shirts. The brand features a diverse range of design patterns and colour palettes.


  • Soktas
    • Soktas offers high-quality shirt fabrics. People from all around the world adore this shirt’s silky softness and amazing brightness. By closely following global trends and processes, it has established itself as a true pioneer in fabric manufacture.


  • Monti
    • Monti has a strong Italian ancestry. It is a legacy that is carried on from the world’s leading maker of the highest yarn-dyed cotton shirting fabric, Gruppo Tessile Monti, Italy.


  • Luthai
    • Luthai India was established on the tenet of mutual respect. We are a young organisation with strong ideals. We specialise in exclusive super-luxurious premium fabrics for the retail sector.


The most important aspect How to Measure for a Perfectly Fitting Men’s Shirt: Choosing the perfect size for your shirt is critical if you want it to appear as good as possible. To do so, measure the width and length of your torso to see which size will fit best.


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