The 5 basic rules for wearing a casual shirt correctly

There is no doubt that shirts are the most important component of any man’s outfit. Some pants blend into the background, some shoes don’t, but you can’t ignore a man’s shirt when you’re looking him in the eye. A neatly tailored, crisply pressed shirt is merely the staging ground for a formal jacket and tie…

A Guide on How To Dress Well According to Your Body Type

When it comes to dressing for your body shape, there are a few different factors that need to be considered.

Shirts: If you have a broad chest, wear a shirt with a broad collar, such as a point collar or button-down collar. The larger the collar, the narrower the shoulders. However, if you have broad shoulders, your shirt should have narrower collars, such as semi-spread or spread collars. The same holds true for sleeve length: if you have narrow shoulders, your sleeves should be shorter than those of someone with wider shoulders.

Trousers: If you are short and stocky, choose straight-leg trousers to make your legs appear longer and thinner. Conversely, if you’re tall and slender with minimal muscle definition in your thighs or calves, choose trousers with some taper to make your legs look thicker and more muscular.

What Is Your Body Shape And How To Dress For It Wisely?

When you choose an outfit that both reflects your style and emphasises your figure, it’s time to visit the The Shirtmakers. We are a genuine clothes experts and your one-stop shop for guaranteeing that all of your outfits are custom fit. Our tailor not only keeps your clothes fitting properly but may also function as a wonderful style consultant, whether hemming pants to make them shorter or taking in the seams of a shirt Featuring our collaborating factories across the globe.


Congratulations, you’re undoubtedly looking as handsome as hell now that you’ve got your correct fit together and have become best friends with your tailor. All that remains is to inject some confidence into that stride. Your body is yours, and your style reflects that you’ve chosen to feel good about your physical appearance.

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